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The Story___________________

Two forces are always at war in the world. They always have been and they always will be. But they conduct their wars in the shadows, hidden and unknown.

Despite a prophecy that someday, they would be 'brought into the light', Lawrence, Kail, and Celeste, children of the Dentorian House Franel, lived their lives as any normal noble children might. They never knew of the war.

However, that all changed one fateful morning when these three siblings awoke up, not in their beds at home, but in strange, unfamiliar parts of the world. Their family, their home, their history, their very existance all seem to have been erased ...

The War of Secrets is finally coming to a head, and the three siblings are tossed directly into the middle of it, without even knowing it exists ...

The Premise_________________

Himitsu no Sensou is an original character fantasy journal RPG. It is completely original character based. It also makes use of a unique sect system.

In this system, a character may or may not be part of one of three special sects. Very few know which character is in which sect, and a great deal of effort is given to ensuring that who is in which sect is kept secret.

Himitsu is a large, active, growing story set in a flourishing, colourful world with over two hundred played characters. While it is an RPG, its members, for the most part, consider it more a collaborative magnum opus, a professional level story written by its members towards an eventual goal.

The Lords of Franel and Their Companions________________

Name: Lawrence
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[lord_lawrence played by megaera_inc]]

Name: Kail
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[valiant_kail played by dots]]

Name: Celeste
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[celestial__ played by northswainglow]]

Name: Sawyer
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[golden__knight played by elzie]]

Name: Keagan
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[knight_scholar played by willfor_iv]]

Name: Faith
Homeland: Dentoria
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[[drunkenretainer played by dots]]


Dentoria is a 17th century era fantasy kingdom. Its people value tradition, structure, and honour, and its society is largely based on these ideals. It's a monarchy run by a King, with a structured nobility. The captial is Eblar. Its ruling lord is King Donal, and the heir is Crown Prince Ian.

Atsiria is a country comprised mostly of desert. Its society is sophisticated and matriarchal. Towns are built on oases. It's run by a Queen, called the Jewel of the Desert, as a Monarchy. The captital is Razen. Its ruling lord is Queen Edalene, Jewel of the Desert, and her only surviving relative is her brother, Prince Reeve.

Hanalan is an earthy, agrarian kingdom covered almost completely in forest. It's economy is based on agrigculture exports. It's run by a King, as a Monarchy. The capital is Floran. Its ruling lord is King Claudius, and the heir is Crown Prince Finlay.

Kanemoria is a largely corrupt kingdom run by money. The terrain is rocky and unfit for growing. It's run by a King and a Council of Twelve, as a Conditional Monarchy. The capital is Norey, which was razed due to a supernatural disaster a year ago. Its ruling lord is King Reuben, and the current heir presumtive is High Prince Julian.

Korin is a harsh land of ice and snow. All food is gained from the lower provinces where it is occasionally temperate enough to grow, and from trade with Kanemoria. The government is tremulous, and Lords rule with free reign over their individual regions. The capital is Rayla, where Rayla Academy, Eire's best University, is. Its ruling lord is Lady Eve. She has no heir.

Megam is a tropical theocracy. Its nobility has practically no power compared to its clergy. It's run by a Council, comprising of the highest members of the clergy and the nobility. The capital is the most beautiful city in the known world: Lucre, City of Light.

Kilia is a mystery to anyone not living in it. Surrounded by high mountains, it is cold and unwelcoming to foreigners, and it keeps its secrets to itself. A misty, forested kingdom that remains aloof from the others. It is governed by the Seven Clerics. The captial is Taln.


Those who walk in the darkness and the light are filled with an irresistable, driving need to destory those who do the opposite. Upon discovering the identidy of one of the others, it is very difficult to ignore. Like the urge to sleep, it can be battled, but in the end, it's impossible to successfully fight it forever.

Before Franel's heirs found their lives gone, the journals were used as 'channels' for the sected of Eire, to form alliances, to learn, to track, to be trained, to taunt. Since the channels burst open, the sected have been trying to adapt to this change.

Messengers of Darkness Messengers of Darkness have souls which are marked at birth by fate as servants of the dark. Their main driving force of existance is to kill Pillars of Light, their lives tied to the service of the Dragons of Darkness, and they have no choice in the matter.

Pillars of Light Pillars of Light have souls which are marked at birth by fate as servants of the light. Their main driving force of existance is to kill Messengers of Darkness, their lives tied to the service of the Dragons of Light, and they have no choice in the matter.

The Silent Ones are blessed -- or perhaps cursed -- with the ability to see at a glance which sect someone belongs to. However, they cannot ever speak a word of it to anyone but each other, and must act like they know nothing, even at the sake of life or death. When they go to speak a word, they freeze up and can't write or say or express the words. Since sight is what reveals intention, they cannot tell from journal entries. However, they have a heightened ability to form hunches.

Everyone Else do not know this war that is being fought every moment of every day exists ... until, of course, it begins to show itself and affect lives in unchangeable ways ...


Don't be an asshole. This covers just about all the basics. Think twice, before you do anything, and ask yourself, "is this an assholeish thing for me to be doing? is it ignoring my responsibilities? Is it designed to piss someone else off? Am I mixing OOC and IC? Am I disrespecting someone else's world-building? Did I read something in OOC that says I shouldn't do this? Is this going to serious mess with someone else's ability to play there character (unless it's completely IC, then, well, tough for them.)" If it's any of these things, don't do it. On a similar note, think the same thing before you don't do something.

Really, that covers everything. Himitsu is a huge game, and going into all of the rules is just ... hard. We've been running for over a year, it's not easy anymore. If you mess up, we'll correct you. Don't take it personally, you didn't know. If you did, then, well, you did. Anything you specifically want more info on? Ask a mod. We are very friendly buggers.

When you leave Himitsu, your characters become property of Rosa and the game. No exceptions.


Applications for new players are always open. Players with under five characters may design and apply for original characters at any time. For players with over five characters, only established NPCs, dropped characters, and presets may be applied for. Most characters will be queued to start. The queue progresses at one character a week. All applications must be sent to northswainglow at rosaaquafire[at]gmail.com. If you are accepted, you'll receive further instructions from there. We love having new people, and it's a damn hard game to figure out from scratch, but for those willing to try, we'd be more than happy to have you!

(preset, npc, and oc application)


Name: What do we call you?
Age: How old are you? Over 15 is definitely preferred, though there are exceptions, as always. Himitsu has a lot of adult situations. Sex, incest, gore, profanity, adult themes, etc.
Email: Important to know!
RP Experience: Experienced players are preferred.
Personal Journal: not the journal for your character, but the journal you, yourself, post from.



Class: (classes are here)
[you will later need to know their family, blood type, language profiencies. if you can include that info now, please do.]


A detailed history of your characters' past. Where did they come from? What have they learned? Tell me there story, from wherever it begins to the present.


While History is what your character has done, personality is who your character is. Go into what makes them them, their traits, their quirks, their little things, the details that make then a person.


Describe them as well as you can. This isn't simply their still frame photo, but how they dress, how they carry themselves, is their voice hoarse, do they have any nervous habits? An overview of their physical traits.


If your character is sected, be it as a Silent One, Pillar, or Messenger, you must write any and all available info about your characters' life as a sected here. This will not go in the final userinfo. This is different from the basic stats that I ask sent to me for the Watch system, in that it is a modified "secret" section of their personality and history sections.


At least three samples on various topics, showing a range of how you intend to play the character. I actually don't like just seeing "oh this is what I plan for my first entry," unless you think that adequately displays your skill is practicing and demonstrating how you intend to write this character's voice. Find any random thing to talk about, politics, the weather, what a fun time last night was, anything.

(adopted application)


How you see the character, an analysis of how you view their thought processes, their state of being, their motivations, their past ... show me how you understand the character.


Where you plan to take the character, what developpment goals you have for them, what you plan to see them do, where you plan to see them go.


Three entries are required. I actually don't like just seeing "oh this is what I plan for my first entry," unless you think that adequately displays your skill is practicing and demonstrating how you intend to write this character's voice. Find any random thing to talk about, the weather, what a fun time last night was, anything.


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Your mods are northswainglow (Rosa) and elzie (Elzie.) Rosa needs to be contacted for any questions regarding sects. Any other random questions can be directed to either mod. Rosa can be reached at rosa[at]himitsu-sensou.net, and Elzie at elzie[at]himitsu-sensou.net. Any questions may also be asked in the OOC comm, or to a mod.

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