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[Filter: Those in Kasrae and Rayla]


Lady Eve, we've landed. Everybody's okay here, with us. But the city is ...

Dragons, it's a mess here.

They've closed off the walls, and we're lucky enough that we were allowed to land. They're evicting people from their homes left and right if they live anywhere near the walls. People are charging triple for a loaf of bread, a bunch of merchants are making noise about wanting the doors to open ...

I, um, Lady Lara's talked to her father about this and he's said he's doing all he can. Apparently his advisor is helping him keep things under control, which is a good thing, because Dragons, it seems like it's going to go out of control any minute. It's always just a minute away from a riot, and there are .... um, there's corpses. In the streets.

I think we need to try and get Lord Henry out of here.
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