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A letter from the Grand General of the Dentorian armies, requesting his support against the threat in the West.

Well, of course.

I should have -- expected this. Someone is responsible for it, after all. They killed his men in the passes, and were willing to slaughter fellow Koriners to get what they wanted. No matter how much talk there had already been of war, nothing had been decided, and that is not the way to declare it and take the political high road. Even I know that much.

But I can't --

Dragons, I can't.

Even if I had the men to commit to this, I wouldn't even -- I don't know where the hell I'd send them. The Houses want protection against the Dentorians. The Dentorians want assistance routing out the Houses. No matter what I do, here, I --

Well, I don't even know what to do. Not a single clue. And nobody here can agree on that, either. It seems the only stance everyone can nod their heads at is sitting here and doing nothing and tending our own gardens until we see what's going on over there. And as for that No, I can't even

... I liked her. I always liked her. Lady Anemone. Of all the nobles that have been through the Rayla Academy since I've been here, I think I liked her the best of them. She was well spoken and intelligent and I always sort of felt a ... connection to her. Maybe I would have been like that, if not for everything. If not for my life. But her regality, how strong she is, how well she chooses her words and how she actually thinks things through. Maybe that could have been me. Maybe ...

She has enough pain to deal with. I wish ...

Well. Well, there's at least one thing I can do for her. I'll be gentler than some professional missive would.

[Filter: Lady Anemone]

I hope that you're all holding up, over there.
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