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Oh, what a surprise!

I believe I've seen some talk of this in the courts of Razen, of late. Linked journals, drawing many people across Atsiria together, isn't that so? It sounds very strange, but not so complex. I'm sure that I can figure it all out on my own, so there's no need for explanations.

Introductions, though, now, those are much more in order. I'm to understand that many of my peers and hopefully future colleagues are here, are they not? We should make ourselves known to one another. For me, my name is Felizia. My family is known for their jewelery mines and markets, and I am my mother's most trusted second. I've been in the capital of late, hoping to do what I can to serve Her Majesty the Queen. I think many of you already know of me, hm?

What an overwhelming day this has been! First my ... unfortunate discovery of Miss Jamaella vile treachery, and now this? I can't imagine what could happen from here.
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