Francisca of Emeron (mostlyvacant) wrote in himitsu_sensou,
Francisca of Emeron

Oh, no one is going to believe this, but I swear that I'm telling the truth! I can't believe it's really happening, but it's true!

I was playing Settlers of Kanemoria with Cavvy, and she was winning by at least three points, but I was about to get the longest road, and take it away from her. Anyway, Sir Austin walked by while this was going on, and started watching us! After he started watching I knew I just had to win, so I started doing everything I could think of to do it. It took a half hour, and I still lost, but only by one point. Cavvy was sweating by the time it was done!

And then when we were done, Sir Austin asked me if I would teach him how to play tomorrow! I didn't think it would interest him at all, and I can't believe he even asked, but I'm so excited for tomorrow I don't know what to do with myself!
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