Messenger of Darkness (deadofnight) wrote in himitsu_sensou,
Messenger of Darkness


I spend years and years dangling bait, waiting for a nibble. And while I'm sitting on deck and wiggling my little toes in the water, thinking I'm so very clever, a whale comes along and overturns the whole damned boat.

I know very well I can't ignore this. Don't you worry, now, I don't intend to try. The shock will wear off, soon, and then the cold will start seeping right in. And even when it means I may well have to murder someone I'm ... fond of, I can't help but welcome it.

It's been too long, and I've missed it so, so much.

I suppose this is your warning, then, though I doubt that you will see it for what it is. You're one of us, of that I'm certain. Pillar or Messenger, though? The compulsion to know is never so bad as the compulsion to kill, but ... oh, it's there. And it's still very, very strong.

Oh, how I've missed it.
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