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Things That Could Possibly Be Beyond The Southern Sea

- Edge of the world. Some people think the world is flat, though that's a little outdated a thought now, because of how the horizon, you know, curves, but still, it's a possibility.

- Ocean, just ocean. Ocean forever and ever. Boring, possible. Probable, maybe. Bollocks.

- More land. Isn't this an amazing bloody thought? Imagine if there's a whole second Eire down there. There could be people with cultures and governments as advances as ours, wondering what's north. Isn't that just the most amazing thought? Maybe they're launching an armada right bloody now to come see what's up here.

- Korin! Because think about it! If the horizon curves, that means the world must be ... round! Right? Stay with me! If you go around a sphere all the way, eventually you end up where you started. So someone could actually get to the far side of Korin, the side we don't know a bloody thing about. Of course, they'd freeze to death.

That's a curious thought to think about. If there is Korin down there, when does it stop getting warmer, and start getting colder?

What do you all think?

I really can't get this out of my bloody brain, since it was brought up.
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