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How did I end up on speaking terms with Davan, again?

... he's just an informant, isn't he? He's in a position to find out information about the other side of the war, and it's worth getting him to tell me whatever he can find out. It'll be easier for Ree if she only needs to look into one side of things. A good leader finds resources wherever she can. He's convenient, right now.

Heh. Yeah.

Except none of that is it.

... I need to watch it, there. He's proven time and again just what he is, and I might start thinking that I've moved on and put it behind me, just because I turned him away when he showed up crying and wasted, but ...

It's as easy to talk to him as it ever was. And ... I have to start worrying about myself, when I find I'm checking my journal to see if he's written to me, yet. And not for the information.

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Those magic rose wagons never stop amazing me. How do they get here, even when there are little wars breaking out across the country, again? They must be dedicated.

Or maybe it's just how much we're willing to pay for the damn things, up here. Heh, something tells me that's a little closer to the truth of it.
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