Lord Rylan of Allba (closetobelief) wrote in himitsu_sensou,
Lord Rylan of Allba

Valmer has left late for his pilgrimage, but he managed to finish the last of the reports I needed from him. I sort of wish we could have gone this year... Not that a second one would fix anything. I can pray to the Dragons just fine from here. The island was quite peaceful though.

No reports of unusual bandit activity on the main roads. Comparing this year and last year there has been a seven percent increase in the number of attacks along the northern roads less travelled. Surely nothing as outrageous as rumours say attacks further north have been. An increase of patrols was recommended, and I believe I will approve it tommorow.

Journal has been opened to a number of other journals in what--on a closer inspection--revealed several fascinating people. Hello! I am afraid I am not going to stop writing in this just because all of you decided to join me though. I am sure you won't mind the extra company. I am Lord Rylan of Allba.
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