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22 November 2011 @ 06:23 am
[Filter: Private]


How can this -- Just gone? Just like Glashen, just -- deserted? Not a soul left, no signs of an exodus, no --

How can this be happening? The only option we had, and now it's gone. Like everything else in this entire -- how long before this comes on us? How long before Aelvir? How long before it moves on to Rayla, to the West, across the entire country? Even Eina couldn't possibly stand against this. It's not as though Tullia and Glashen were without their defenses. No fortress could be impregnable against -- against whatever this is.

There's no time.

Why did this -- What is this. Why is it happening? Why now? What in the world could be --

There isn't any time.

[Filter: Symeon]

I'm going to be brief, because we need to move quickly.

Reports have come in from Tullia. They're the same as reports out of Glashen, saying it's been -- decimated. Not even that. That it's just -- deserted, completely abandoned, not as much as a soul remaining there. No signs of a battle. No signs of mass exodus. Just an empty city with not a single person to be found within its walls.

We're out of options, Symeon. I know it's farfetched, but we have to try what everyone else is talking about. You know as well as I do that we can't try for Aelvir, not with what Lancel has told us, and I don't dare take the girls into the warzone to the west. Much further than that, and it's too far to reasonably go.

We need to prepare ourselves, and we need to go. Quickly. I wish we could spare the girls from this any longer than we already have, but time is up. They'll need to know why we're leaving, and where we're going. However poorly they might take it.
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Tarmon of Emeron
22 November 2011 @ 06:55 am
Well, I believe I'm quite satisfied with all the company I've managed to find.

There are five of them now, though there might be more in the future, if it so pleases me. I can't imagine I'll be very lucky, moving on into Korin, but a man must occasionally sacrifice, I suppose.

There are two blondes, Kyra and Jeyne. Of the two, I prefer Jeyne -- she is less likely to argue with me, and slimmer besides. Kyra has better curves, but is more headstrong, and I find that I often need to be in a specific mood to tolerate a mouthy whore. Needless to say, that mood does not come often.

One is a redhead, Ygritte, though she's hardly as much to look at as the other girls are. Too many freckles, and her teeth are uneven. Still, I've had no dissatisfaction with her of yet, and I think that is quite likely to continue.

There is also a northerner girl, built of border stock, Maege. She hardly has the coloring of a northerner, but she has a firm build and has proven herself to be rather spirited in bed. All the same, I would rather one of the others over her, but she knows her place and respects my position.

And, though I haven't any idea how she got so far north, there's one Roma girl. She tells me her name is Obara, but I find that unimportant. She's much too talkative for my tastes, but she's exotic enough to please, and has a good build. What can a man do, when presented with such perfect breasts, after all? And I see how the other men eye her. Well, they can eye her all they like. She's mine for now, and I find myself confident that will not change.

At least it brings some life into this dingy little barracks.
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22 November 2011 @ 08:20 pm
I think Angus is getting better at finding my things! I've been giving him treats every time he's right, and now he gets it right almost half the time ... It's kind of amazing, actually, I can't believe he can figure out when something is mine just by smelling it! I can't smell anything different at all ...! Maybe I'm just used to whatever I smell like ...
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22 November 2011 @ 10:26 pm
[Filter: Annie]

So I got this great idea. I thought I'd plan a picnic in a greenhouse for Eri, just something a little nice and warm for winter. Tina's gonna help me prepare the food, but I could use a little help finding another greenhouse...chances are she aint gonna want to just go to where she works on a date!

So yeah. Mind helpin' out a bit here?
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