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17 November 2011 @ 12:31 am
[Filter: Private]

It's good that she's managed to find a friend other than Nessa and I out here... She was so worried that the people here wouldn't accept her, but Loki has always been a ... well, I was going to use 'straight arrow' but that's a little too much... She hasn't said anything to me about it, but that's normal. She's finally fitting in.

[Filter: Aileen]

I heard you were working on the new puzzle. I was wondering if you wanted any help with it? I've got some free time right now...
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Father Forbes of Megam
17 November 2011 @ 01:38 am
[Filter: Private]

Colndor. It never ceases to amaze me what a pustule this city is. There are more than enough men and women here to clean this city from top to bottom. Yet I think that it gets worse every time I see it. I shouldn't compain about it so much, I will be here for two days at most. From how everyone here lives, I don't think I would last more than two.

The other priests said they live this way because they turned from the Dragons. Some of them said that they'd rather live as beggars and still be able to revel lewdly than to accept our help and clean themselves up. That never made sense to me. I was never able to justify that to myself. I wanted this city to just ask for our help. I wanted this city to cast off its sins. It was so hard for us to send help to a place so actively hostile to us.

But we still should have tried... Colndor was always political suicide. No one was assigned to the Colndor mission without feeling like they were being punished. No one volunteered to go. I remember when I was still being taught, a vacancy opened there. The man they sent had been in three different scandals in a year, but none of them so big that they could throw him out of the priesthood.

Maybe if politics didn't determine who we sent our aid to, Colndor might receive more. Maybe if we'd taken the initiative, we could have extended an arm to help make the city a better place to live. Then, seeing our effort, they might have been more inclined to believe that we meant what we said. For all of our talk, we never did anything to help them. Orphanages, some food, but never anything... of substance. The cream of the ones sent to Kanemoria went north. The rest stayed here... It's not right.

[Filter: Public]

It feels good to be working again. It's been far too long since I've been away from Lucre, and seeing smiling faces of people whose needs are being filled. It's easy to forget how fulfilling this line of work can be unless you're really in the thick of things!

[Filter: Elliot]

I think I've proven to myself that I can lie. I'm in Colndor, and I haven't seen a smiling face since arrived...
Mood: depresseddisillusioned
Lord Hasten of Lireth
17 November 2011 @ 08:02 pm
[Filter: Private]

This new horse is barely adequate.

... no. No, that is unfair to him. He is young and has the ill-temper that comes with all stallions of his age, true enough. He is willful and can be uncooperative when it strikes his fancy, and I wish there had been more time to break his spirit before I took him to a war. But he is a strong and powerful and well-trained and fast, impressive to look upon and smooth to ride. He is young, as well, with all the benefits that brings.

But he is not Lannis.

Lannis and I moved together like two halves of a whole. I learned to truly ride on his back and he learned to carry a rider in the same way. All our movements were perfectly attuned to one another. Every lesson there was to learn, we learned together. That is, after all, why we of Lireth have our own mounts so young. For that exact purpose.

The new horse ... he is fine. He is better than fine. I chose his bloodlines myself. I knew this day would come. I prepared as much as I could, considering how little I've been in Lireth, in recent years. And he and I will learn to work together. He isn't Lannis -- he can't be Lannis. I'll simply have to adjust to that.

Funny, how with all of it, the horse is what I think the most about. Here we are, at the passes, planning our approach. I have an army at my back. Tarmon takes umbrage to such ridiculous little slights as my possession of the General's quarters, and he seeks to undermine me at all turns. I am sorely in need of both Lord Glenn and Lord Kiefer's expertise. I am, again, away from home. From my sister. From Mae, and the rest of them. Elthea is somewhere South, Korin is somewhere North, and I am leading Dentoria to war, and yet ...

And yet, it all comes back to the damned horse.

[Filter: Dentorians]

I recognize, for those of us who have arrived here, that this barrack is cold, sparse, and smells of disuse. It is not comfortable. But please try and recall, it does not need to be. We will be on the march again, soon enough, and it serves the purpose it needs to -- it shelters us from the elements while we wait for the army to amass in full, and provides just enough comfort for us to be sure we have our full strength before we do leave.

I do not foresee us remaining here much longer than another week. The Mansoure vanguard joined with us, today. We are yet waiting for the one from Emeron, but a forerunner claims they should arrive in the morning. Drills are going well. There are yet some men in fighting condition who were in the last war, and I have appointed them to teach all their skills and unique experience fighting in the tundra to the younger men. There are not nearly as many as I would like, but far more than I might have hoped.

We have ballistae and bowmen set up on the walls, watching the skies, with orders to shoot down absolutely anything that flies. The last thing we need is a pegasus or dragon bringing news to their Lords of our numbers or approach. Our lack of aerial presence has always been our biggest weakest against Korin. We need to remain vigilant.

I suppose that is all there is to say, for now. All goes as planned, we should have Lahn by first snow.

[Filter: Dillon]

I was far too exhausted from the march to say, yesterday, but ...

I have a room, now. With a door. That, ah, locks.
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Symeon of Veirnan
17 November 2011 @ 08:06 pm
[Filter: Edeyn]

Why have they not replied, yet, Edeyn? Dragons, we can't wait forever! We need to know what's happening! We need to make plans. I'm worried the girls are going to realize something is wrong. And all of this with Lancel -- I'll feel better once we know what's being done.

Why can't they just reply?

[Filter: Lian]

... has something happened, sweetling between you and Stephanie? You seem ... different with one another. Have you heard something about
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17 November 2011 @ 08:10 pm
[Filter: Sky]

All right.

All right, I had an ... idea. With Lydia, and how out of control she's been lately. I'm going to tell it to you, but you can't judge me or tell me what a terrible person I am. Desperate times! I'm only going to let you in on this because I think I'll need Amelie to pull it off, and I need you to tell me if the possible solution is worth getting her involved in -- well. This. You'll see what I mean, soon enough.

Not so much as a raised eyebrow. Do you understand me?
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17 November 2011 @ 11:25 pm
[Filter: Franelcrew]

Loki you're putting that one in the wrong place. It needs to go over here. If you'd just


Hey, I said it needs to go over here.

Heyyyyy are you even listening.
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