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24 September 2011 @ 12:00 am
[Filter: Edalene, in Atsirian]

Ugh, Edalene, my queen, I hate to impose, I truly do. You know I wouldn't --

Is there any ... place for me, up at the palace? I know the ball doesn't start for hours, but I just need to be away from my estate. If there's any work to be done preparing, I can certainly do that, if you'd prefer. Anything.

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24 September 2011 @ 12:07 am
[uneven writing]

I can't believe what's just happened, I ... I really wish it hadn't ...

It all happened to quickly, I still can't believe -- should we even be continuing like t--

[writing cuts off abruptly and then resumes with a bit of hesitation]

Oh, that was ... well ... Prince Finlay is right, isn't he ...?

I -- I suppose that even if in honor of how courageous he was in the joust ... we should move on, otherwise it would have been in vain ... wouldn't it?

The Prince truly does have a way with words, doesn't he?
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24 September 2011 @ 12:10 am

Here we go, then, I believe I'm finally ready. I'm all dressed, the carriage is sent for, and, of course, I have my gift for Queen Edalene. I think I could never live it down, were I to forget the last of those.

I have gifts for some others, of course, but I hope no one will be tremendously offended by the observation that the Queen's gift is the most important of all. Were I to forget it, I believe I could just pack my bags and go home to Kavan at once! I would never be able to face my family or anyone in all of Atsiria ever again!
Mood: chipperchipper
Felicia of Mansoure
24 September 2011 @ 12:31 am
[Filter: Private]

Dragons, I just...and on the Festival, too!

Oh, Canti, how could this have...I didn't think it could get worse than the riots, but this is simply

[wet drops]

oh, Canti, Canti, of all the things. If Lord Glenn hadn't saved you who knows what else might have happened?
Mood: indescribableindescribable
Lord Derek of Allba
24 September 2011 @ 12:41 am
[Filter: Private, in Old High Dentorian]

Hn ... such a mess ... everything is in such a horrible mess. A reaction that could have been prevented ... something that should not have even happened to such a sweet child. Ah ... after only hearing of his antics ... to witness them in person these past weeks.

If it had been ... if my children were to have --

... I suppose it is better not to think on that.

[Filter: Constance, Trade]

Love ... you are doing all right, I hope?

What has happened today was ... well, it was quite a shock for everyone to even hear of. If only you didn't have to hear such reports. The poor girl ...
Mood: indescribableindescribable
24 September 2011 @ 01:17 am
[Filter: Symeon]

That was odd.

Do you think there's something more going on with this that we don't know about? I can't imagine he's honestly unhappy to be getting healthy enough to stand on his own two feet again, but his reaction ... you know me, I worry, but it still didn't seem natural.

The problem is that I doubt asking him would get a straight answer. He'd probably deny everything, including not liking the prospect of getting better. But I'm not sure what else we could do.
Mood: pensivepuzzled
24 September 2011 @ 01:27 am
Now, Anita, my sweet, is my gift to you not generous enough? Do you not think it suits you? I assure you, dear one, it flatters your hair perfectly and looks lovely with those Eastern gowns you suit so perfectly. I knew the moment I saw it that it was made for you.

Still, if you think I've slighted you or that my little bride is deserving of more, all you have to do is say so. I can't bear the thought that I've disappointed you. Earrings, perhaps? A gown? What was it that you were expecting and I haven't delivered.

[Filter: Eliza]

And you. Did you open your gift, yet?
Mood: amusedamused
24 September 2011 @ 01:48 am
Ah, this certainly has been a wonderful tourney, hasn't it? I still can't stop thinking about that mystery knight, and the jousters' performances so far have been simply splendid! I'm so glad we


What just happened, I [the writing cuts off sharply here]
24 September 2011 @ 01:49 am
[this writing appears very slowly, and is very weak]

[Filter: Keane]

You were

You were right to come.
Mood: indescribableindescribable
Lord Craig of Rhia
24 September 2011 @ 02:59 am
[Filter: Devine]


I've really been enjoying our talks lately. You're not like the others, all these worms and grubs Fenea and I managed to spawn. Some of them are decent, but most ... eh, but even the best ones, you're head and shoulders above. That's why I gave you that sword. You're different from all of the others, the whole legion of them.

There's something ... special that I want to talk to you about.

I want you to come to my rooms tonight, after dark.
Mood: determineddetermined
Celeste of Franel
24 September 2011 @ 03:38 am
[Filter: Private]

I ... I can't get that writing out of my head.

It wasn't just the vocabulary that should have been unfamiliar ... the ... the syntax, the alphabet ... everything was ... so alien to any language I've ever known, but ...

But I still understood it all perfectly. Just ... just perfectly. I think ... I think I could even read it outloud, the way it was meant to be read. That's ... ah, that's ...


I remember things. I ... I do. Is that ... is that why ...

[Filter: Lauren]

Ah ... Lauren, I ...

You've seemed ... just completely lost in thought, today. Is everything all right? Are you not having a good Festival? I ... I know everything is complicated ... with Lady Ruseia, and ... ah, and all the rest of it, but ...

... I know you're getting ready for the party, but when you have a moment ... you know I'm here, don't you?

[there's a pause here, and then ...]

[Filter: Jace]

-- there's writing in this book!
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24 September 2011 @ 05:09 am
[Filtered from Rebecca]

I don't mean anything by it, I just don't want to upset her, and oh I just need to -- the crowd is so quiet and the suspense is so high! I can't keep quiet!

Goodness gracious me! Josiah should knock him down on this pass, but I rarely see anyone give him such a tilt! Why, they've broken lances five times, already! He's certainly earning that crown for you, today, Lydie!

Here they go ... and ...

[there is a huge blot of ink and the page is rumpled from here on]
Mood: anxioussuspense!
24 September 2011 @ 01:40 pm
[Filter: Private]

Fucking refugees, haven't you already done enough? And on the fucking Festival, no less, how dare they. I just want all these asshole Koriners gone already, they had no right.

[Filter: Allison]

I still can't believe this. This is beyond unforgivable, isn't it? And I thought the riots were going too far, this is just...Dragons, I'm just so angry.
Mood: livid
24 September 2011 @ 04:18 pm
[filter: private]

good. i'm glad she's gone. i didn't want her here anyways. now col and i can have all the time together we want.

[filter: public]

col~ you look so handsome in your new jacket. is it comfortable? does it fit okay? i hope it does.
Mood: flirtyflirty
24 September 2011 @ 07:27 pm
[Filter: Private, in Kilian]

...it's beautiful. It's so simple and practical, yet it's one of the most beautiful things I've owned. He remembers how much I love to read, and the design is so elegant. I'll never use anything else to mark my place in a book again!


Dragons, why am I getting so excited over this? Maybe because this is the first time Marias and I have ever properly exchanged gifts...yes, that must be it. We've been friends for years, but we've never exchanged Festival gifts before.

Yes, that's it.

...mm~ It really is beautiful.
Mood: happyhappy
Benedette of Emeron
24 September 2011 @ 08:04 pm
[Filter: Canti]

Oh Canti, Canti ... darling. I don't even -

Please, tell me what I can do. Anything for you, you know that. I love you so much. Please, just ...
Hayden of Rhia
24 September 2011 @ 08:17 pm
[Filter: Private]

Well boys, despite myself I am beginning to know just why you did what you did. Up to this point, I honestly didn't give a damn about who Grandfather favoured. What did it really matter, in the end? But now he is giving away my son's birthright. Yes, of course I know it was not officially part of it, but everyone knows it was meant for Antony.

Dragons help me. All my life I have tried to be above this but right now it's impossible.

[slight pause]

I hope the bastard rots in hell.
Lian of Veirnan
24 September 2011 @ 09:34 pm
[Filter: Fath

[Filter: Everyone in Veirnan]

I'm sorry today wasn't a very good Festival. But ... at least Lancel looks a lot better. That's one of the best presents ever.

I ...

[Filter: Private]

This is too hard. I didn't think it could get worse ... but when he starts talking to me and then suddenly stops, it's the worst thing ever.

I hate this [the next part of the page is covered in smeared ink]
24 September 2011 @ 09:52 pm
[Filter: Servants for the party in Eina]


I don't have enough napkins. I'm halfway around the table and I'm never going to be able to finish with what I have. I'm sorry. I know everyone is busy with their own tasks and we're nearly out of time before guests arrive.

Does anyone want to bring me more?
Mood: crankycranky
Queen Edalene of Atsiria
24 September 2011 @ 10:00 pm
[Filter: Private, in Atsirian]

He's intelligent. He's educated. He has a good family, strong bloodlines. He would establish that I don't have a problem with Cleraine, just her. He seems very honest. He speaks well. He's an obedient man.

He wants the position, too. Everyone says that he wants the position. They've been saying it for weeks. He's just afraid to ask for it, because of her.

It's not -- it's not as though I haven't been watching him. Considering him. I have been. He's not unsuitable at all.

Oh, and the look on her face ...


Yes, it's worth it. It is. If he's awful, I can teach him. He'll have to be very grateful to me. Or ... or just dismiss him, or something.

It's worth it.

[Filter: Public, in Atsirian]

... hee!

I see people are starting to arrive for the party, and I'll bet the rest of you are finishing up last minute preparations~ Ooh, or maybe you're on your way here right now! How exciting! I can't wait to see what wonderful gifts you're all bringing for me~

There's a big surprise planned, tonight~ I'm going to be making a very important announcement, and no one is going to want to miss it~ You'll have to wait and see what it is!
Mood: angryangry
24 September 2011 @ 10:06 pm
[Filter: Private]

Far from my family, far from Benedette, with a bastard wearing my father's name sitting at my place at the table, about to become a dragonsdamned cabin boy, and, best of all, I have to be looking over my shoulder for crazed Dentorians who'll clamp me in irons for all of it.

You know, I think that this is actually the worst Festival I've ever had. Even worse than the year Mother died. That's quite remarkable, I guess. I suppose it counts for something.

[Filter: Alma]

Well, Happy Festival, Sweet Pea. I wish that I could be there with you, but ... next year, I suppose. Though

I hope you're having a wonderful day despite me. Please tell me Father isn't still forcing you to play nursemaid to Angela, or I swear, he and I are going to have to hard some words when I get there.

[Filter: Benedette]

I think I may have worked out the fare issue, though it's certainly not how I would have preferred it.

I can't even tell you how much I miss you, today.
Mood: melancholymiserable
Maeve [[Blanche]]
24 September 2011 @ 10:17 pm
[Filter: Franelcrew]


How's your party going, Andrew~?
Mood: cheerfulteasing
24 September 2011 @ 10:30 pm
[Filter: Amelie]

Can you please stop wondering about the knight at the tourney?
Mood: jealous... jealous
Linnell of House Veirnan
24 September 2011 @ 10:55 pm
[Filter: Private]

It's really not fair.

Papa lets her out for the day, and Edeyn is okay with it? And everything just ... just goes back to normal? It's like nothing ever happened?

She doesn't deserve normal. I'm not ever going to let her have it. Not ever. I'm going to make sure she knows what she did, and I'm going to make sure Papa knows what she did, forever.

I should go see Lancel. I bet I could cheer him up ...
Mood: lonelylonely
Lysander of Mera
24 September 2011 @ 11:03 pm
[Filter: Verity]

What, no angry entries about Forna today? I'm surprised.
Mood: drunka little tipsy
Aes of Cresyn
24 September 2011 @ 11:32 pm
[Filter: Private, in Atsirian]

So, Matthew ... here we are ... pulling up to the entrance of the palace ... and you, of all people, aren't here to see it.

You, of all people, should have already been inside receiving guests alongside your Queen ... your wife. Matthew, I can't tell you how much I miss you. There are absolutely no words to express just how much of a hole you've left in my heart. I miss you so much ... and there's just ... none of them understood me like you did. You were ever the only brother that truly looked at me with that love and adoration. The rest of them ... I know they love me, but ... but I know it was different with you. You never saw me as the future Lady of Cresyn ... I was always just your one and only sister.

Now ... well, now I have to go in with a smile on my face. No matter how much it hurts me to think that you aren't here to enjoy it with us ... I'll just try to enjoy myself twice as much, for you.

I ...

Well, I suppose I don't have much more time before I arrive, do I?

I miss you, Matthew. I know you're in a good place ... you have to be.

[Filter: Public, in Atsirian]

Ooh~~ the decorations and the lights outside are even amazing! ♥

I cannot believe how beautiful it all looks. Well, of course I can believe it, I mean, it's a ball that our lovely Queen is throwing, after all. ♥

Still, this is all so very exciting, isn't it? I hope everyone likes the gifts I brought for them ... ohh ... and if I forgot anyone, I'm so sorry ...! I really hope I didn't.
Mood: sadsad
24 September 2011 @ 11:36 pm
[Filter: Franelcrew]

Okay, well, the party is just starting so before I get really busy helping out I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you again to whoever had me for the gift exchange this year. I just love my coat so much, it's so pretty and warm and wonderful! I don't think I've ever had a coat that was quite this nice and I'm going to love it forever.
Keran of Sarrca
24 September 2011 @ 11:37 pm
[Filter: Colleen]

I have to say, my dear one, you looked very unwell all through the festivities today. Is there a problem? I will happily send more healers for a more thorough examination if you're still feeling ill. We can't have you caught sick so soon before winter falls, after all; the chill will do horrid things to your blood.

Do tell me if I'm exaggerating.
Mood: curiouscurious
24 September 2011 @ 11:50 pm
[Filter: Private]

Ah ... such ... such horrible things happening within the city ... only to erupt on the very day of the Festival ... I just .... I don't know what to make of all this.

I just know that things aren't going to end well, at all ... no matter which side gets hurt, someone will get hurt ... and I don't want my family, or Lila's family to get affected by such ... such horrible things ...

... how could they ...?

What would possess them to do act out in such a violent way ...?

I ... I don't want to upset mother ... I don't want to upset their Festival ... but it seems as if we don't have a choice in the matter, this year.

I had thought ... I had thought that perhaps we would be able to have a Festival at home, happy and with our families after so long, but -- no, our duties come first, as it always does.

[Filter: Lila]

Have you sent a letter to your parents ...? You should let them know that we won't be making it to the Festival dinner, tonight ... I don't think things will calm down before then. If anything, I suppose we could be late, but ... with everything that's happened today, it seems unlikely ...
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24 September 2011 @ 11:53 pm
[Filter: Private]

... I wonder what has happened. Hasten and Tarmon, talking of war with Korin, on the Festival of all days. Perhaps the situation between the refugees and the commonfolk has finally boiled over. I wonder if the refugees realise how terribly they have endangered themselves. Lord Isaac's death was the worst thing that could have happened at this time. Lord Isaac would have been a cooler head. Tarmon calls for a war like how a child throws his toys from his cot. To think he is now the Grand General ...

I've been trained for that possibility for as long as I can remember. Father would tutor me himself. He would ask me the ways tensions at the border could worsen - the succession of a Koriner heir foolish enough to overstep his bounds, refugees driven away by war, Tarmon. Now it might happen, and ... I'm not there.

[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well, those of us who have been invited to this ball, I hope you are all ready. It would not help appearances if we are late.

And those of you who have not, I hear that the servants and the knights have planned their own celebration. I certainly encourage everyone to join them. This is probably the best time to build some rapport. It could be useful, especially if we are to stay here for a few more months.
Mood: indescribableindescribable
24 September 2011 @ 11:53 pm
I am so getting drunk tonight!

Who's with me?

Happy Festival, seriously! Hell yeah!
Mood: drunkdrunk