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20 September 2011 @ 01:54 am
[handwriting is extremely weak and shaky]


could use some water on your way back
Mood: thirstythirsty
Winifred (Winni)
20 September 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Just two more days! And I just got a letter from Albert, the package with my presents for them got there early. I was worried it might not get there in time because of how crazy things have been...I sent it as early as I could, though. I've gotten so much better at knitting and sewing that I made everyone new winter clothes!

I also sent something to you, Father Mulcahy, I hope that also got to you in time.
Mood: excitedexcited
Lauren of House Taerin
20 September 2011 @ 10:58 pm
[Filter: Franelcrew]

Wait -- something's happening! Something's ...

The walls are just sinking into the floor, or ... oh, Dragons, I think they must have found -- something, did you guys get to the end, in there? Hello? Are you okay? Irving, Loki ... Leigh?

I think it's letting them out!
Mood: shockedshocked
Maeve [[Blanche]]
20 September 2011 @ 11:16 pm
[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well, now Leigh has been in there for almost two days. Does one of us need to go after her? We can't exactly give up on this thing, not when we need to get through ...

Irving, Loki, are you two still holding up out there? Speak up, please, we're worried. And shouting, if you want to give the exit one more try.
Mood: worriedworried
20 September 2011 @ 11:41 pm
[Filter: Private[

Why is this so Dragonsdamned difficult?

I have to do this. I can't simply keep putting it off. -- don't even know what I'm going to say. What do people say for this? I can't just --

Why is this so impossible.