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Benedette of Emeron
02 July 2011 @ 09:28 am
[Filter: Private]

Is it over then? Is everything to go back to normal? I'm not sure that it can. They may seem to accept my story but I know that they know the truth. For some reason, they choose to accept it anyway. I suppose it might be wise not to question that too much. Really, I should be grateful, but ...


So much has happened here since I was gone. I can read pieces of it here, among other things. It sounds as thought Lord Hayden has had more than his share of concerns to deal with. I probably wasn't even the largest one, which may have played a role in my staying here, rather than being sent back in disgrace. I probably shall never know.

I still wonder how I will ever be able to go on ... but I also know I have no choice. It's just another role, just another dance. The dance of a lifetime.

[Filter: House Emeron]

Hello, I ... I scarcely know where to start. I am so terribly sorry for worrying you for so long. But I am safe and sound back in Rhia now and very glad of it. I hope one of you will let Father, Mother, and the other girls know.

[Filter: House Rhia, Lord Glenn and Lady Hazel]

I must apologize to all of you for the worry I have caused, and thank you as well for your kind concern. I have thankfully returned back here safe and sound and very eager to see everyone again and put this whole situation in the past where it belongs.

Thank you again for your well wishes. Although I could not read it at the time, having left my journal behind, I am very glad for them now.


[Filter: Le Private

No, I ... I can't. I'm afraid and there is so much else I need to do, to focus on. But I-

[long pause]

[Filter: Alma]

Please tell me what's happening. With ... everything.