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03 June 2011 @ 04:02 pm
[Filter: Private]

Maybe I shouldn't have

Ugh! Whatever!

And you know, I don't even know what's going on with Lenore and I don't want to ask and nobody's telling me! So awkward, ugh. I'll just ... find something else to do, I guess, and stand around looking curious?

I can't help but wonder just w

[Filter: Mark]

So, uh, hey! What's going on up there? I haven't seen you or Ella or even that Kim girl writing at all for a while now, and a girl starts to worry! Fires race through Harcha and burn you to the ground? Did you get eaten by dragons~?
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03 June 2011 @ 04:16 pm
Please know that I hate to beg. I'll go out of my way not to, in fact, and fix something myself whenever possible rather than ask for help. But sometimes, one has to accept that there are some issues too large for them to fix ... and then they ask for assistance.

I need assistance.

I have a friend. A whore, yes, one of the other girls here. Camilla. I've been writing about her for months, now. She had a bad turn with a client who beat her, and after that, she just hasn't been able to pull herself back together. She's stopped getting requests entirely, and only entertains men who don't ask for anything specific. But they complain of her service, and Loren is beginning to get frustrated with her.

She just doesn't have it in her anymore.

He'll sell her bond in the end, if she doesn't get better. That's how these things go. To a lesser whorehouse, or to a street pimp, or Dragons know where else. She's tough in some ways, but weak in others. She doesn't take abuse well, mostly, and ... well, in those places, she's guaranteed to see a lot of it.

I can buy her her out, purchase her bond myself and free her, with the money that I've saved, but ... but she doesn't want to leave. She'd rather hold on to the hope that she'll improve and be forgiven than go out onto the street with no prospects and only hopes. Frankly, I barely blame her, but her choices are few and it's been long enough that anyone can see she isn't going to heal from this. She was bruised too hard and cut too deep. It will leave a scar.

I'd ... the thought had occurred to me, however, that if she had an offer for work, real work, the world outside these gilded doors might not be so frightening. I can pay to send her with a caravan to Norey, or for passage to Aeda, Kavan, Erisport, or Hyrule. Or, of course, she could stay here in Colndor. If anyone here and offer her anything in any of those places, you'd be saving a life.

She's smart, but not clever. She writes and reads in Trade, and speaks very good Atsirian. She's very pretty, of course -- quite Dentorian looking, blonde and tall, though not so much either as a Northerner. She sews well enough -- she does repairs for most of the girls on this floor, when the tears on our things aren't bad enough for Loren to see to. And she knows how to provide service. We don't just learn bed tricks in whorehouses, we learn how to keep our eyes lowered, our voice demure, and that the person who pays us is our lord and master.

Is there anything that anyone can offer? Please.
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Eriena//Brendan of Keirnan
03 June 2011 @ 04:26 pm
[Filter: Glenn]

Until she wrote, I had not quite realized just how close the time of your sister's wedding was growing. August, and a slow trip across the country to the North with all of your retainers ... it cannot be much longer until you begin your preparations to leave, is that not so?

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03 June 2011 @ 04:33 pm
[Filter: Rae]

Hey, Rae! Listen, I've been up to my elbows in mending and sewing, lately, and as much as I hate to ask for it, I think that I really need some help with all of this. It's just too much for me to do by myself, and nobody else is really any good at it ...

Would you like to learn? It's just a thought I had, but if you did, I could teach you and feel useful, and you could learn something new, and we'd both get more work done together than I could by myself.

It's just a thought, but I thought I'd ask? It would really be a big help ...
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