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Stephan of Rhia
14 March 2011 @ 08:32 pm
[The writing is slow and careful]

One of the more agreeable aspects to my situation is the ability to say what I like and know that I will be heard. Just an hour ago, a maid opened a window without my asking and said that she remembered to do so because I had complained about the lack of a good breeze yesterday.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, that I am bored.
Mood: blahblah
14 March 2011 @ 08:37 pm
I need a hobby. But there's nothing interesting I can do that doesn't need money. I need books if I''m going to read, thread and cloth if I'm going to embroider or sew clothes, and ... well, I can't think of any other hobbies, but I'm sure I'm going to need to buy something for it!

So, is there something I can do to pass the time that doesn't need a lot of anything?
Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Var (Varelia)
14 March 2011 @ 09:13 pm
Um, well ... how do I say this. I do not think I like Beth's boyfriend very much. He hasn't done anything bad at all, but ... I don't like the way he talks to her. He doesn't ask her what she thinks. And I don't think he really listens to what she is saying. I am sure he isn't a bad man, but um ... I think Beth can find someone better. Much better! So what should I do?
Mood: worriedworried
14 March 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Anton~ can I go out with Clarissa tonight?! She wants to go out and talk and she's sorry she didn't ask sooner but she said it's important and I don't know what she wants to talk about but she wants to go and I wanna go with her and maybe I can help so can you watch Joshua and I can go out?!
Mood: worriedworried
14 March 2011 @ 09:30 pm
Harumph. How is it I always end up being just as busy during my few months off as I do when I'm actively training some new men? There's always something isn't there? I'm getting too old for this.

Mi. Tell the rest of the men I don't need them to watch my dogs tomorrow. I finally have a bit of free time to take them out myself for once. Unless of course they want to tag along anyways. I won't begrudge them that but if they do they'd better be ready for a good workout.
Mood: busybusy
Devine of Rhia
14 March 2011 @ 10:06 pm
[Filter: Private]

I hate this house. Everywhere I look there's people I'd rather just avoid and not have to deal with. I can't even read Uncle Stephen's writing or think about visiting him because there's always someone else there and I always feel like I'm intruding, or they just give me one of those accusing looks. Then my dad goes and yells at me as if I don't even care. Why would Uncle Stephen even want to see me anyway? He probably thinks I'm just as guilty as everyone else does.

[Filter: Grandfather]

I hate to sound like I'm being impatient or pushing you, or anything like that, but have you made any progress?
Mood: lonelylonely
Elliot (Adrian)
14 March 2011 @ 10:09 pm
[Filter: Private, in Old High Megami]

It just doesn't make sense.

It's Lord Lawrence that she's searching for, that's plain enough. And yet, Lawrence is in Korin, and that is also plain enough. Perhaps the man does not write himself, but his companions give their position away wherever they go. It's impossible for me to believe that Lawrence would have stayed behind, while the rest went, and let's not forget that they were in Hanalan for a year. The Court there couldn't fabricate a lie on that scale to save their lives. Particularly not the sampling of it we have here ... ~

So why is she searching for Lord Lawrence of Franel, in Ilserna?

And more importantly, how do I ask without giving away knowledge of information Adrian has no interest in, and no business knowing?

I don't know whether to be annoyed nothing has come of these inquiries, or relieved. I don't know why I keep half-expecting to hear he has been sighted, when every bit of logic I have says plainly that it is impossible. Is this what had her so rattled? Did she see him? Witness the impossible herself, something even her holy heathen goddesses could not account for?

For every answer, a thousand new questions. If only I had the time to continue my research, from before ... it seems so long ago, now. Was I ever truly that person?
Mood: workingworking
Lorcan of Rhia
14 March 2011 @ 10:14 pm
[Filter: Fallyn]

You know, I was thinking of you today, and it occurred to me -- you didn't even tell me the date you'd planned to put on your show with Lady Benedette!

Looking back, it sounds as though it was a rather imminent affair, which implies to me that the date has passed, which clearly means you've had no time to write because the busy task of fending off every man in Rhia has you utterly occupied. Does that sound about right?
Mood: melancholyhomesick
Ethne of House Karnach
14 March 2011 @ 10:25 pm
[Filter: Gideon, in Atsirian]

It has only been a week, but I believe that word of how well it all went is spreading rather well. Most who attended have sent favorable letters indicating they intend to continue doing so, and there are polite inquiries filtering in from elsewhere ... of course, none would ever directly request an invite; this is as near as that gets.

I'm very pleased by all of this. I believe I'll send Reiz with our gracious replies. I could send a messenger, I suppose, but I think they would be far more impressed by Karnach consideration if our darling only brother himself arrived in person to charm them.
Mood: pleasedpleased
14 March 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Oh, I know it's awful of me, but I'm so terribly jealous of Marigold! Did everyone see her, today, in that lovely feathered cape? I can't imagine where they found such vivid violet plumage! Perhaps somewhere in Megam? Do they have violet birds in Megam? Oh, goodness, I just had quite a moment, where I realized -- there are people here from Megam!

Sometimes I think I'm completely used to these, and then I just have little moments like that, and this all just seems so amazing, again!

In any case, she refused to tell me where it was from. She says she would tell me, but only if I agree to sing a song of her composition at court, and I'm just simply not willing to make that sort of compromise!
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Lord Glenn of House Rowan
14 March 2011 @ 11:11 pm
I understand there was a rather curious incident in the infirmary, this afternoon; a certain little guest demanded to be taken in, right at the top of her little lungs, insisting she had a greivous problem. Apparently, she was quite the actress, staggering and clutching her belly and insisting the issue was an emergency of the most dire sort. Her tutors, of course, were unsure how to handle such a thing, and so they kept her in the study and wrung their hands and exchanged hopeless looks, until a certain dashing Western Lord overheard the commotion and stopped by to graciously offer his valuable aid.

And so it was that this Lord swept the young Lady up and onto a shoulder, and took her expressly to said infirmary in all haste -- her throes of agony were so believeable, he can hardly be blamed for taking such decisive action, I would say. And when he deposited that young Lady in front of the nearest bewildered and understandably concerned physician, well, what happened?

That little Lady's previous malady cured itself by virtue of simply standing in the presence of Keirnan's finest healers ... though, as we all gazed on in wonder, she then proudly declared that she did indeed have an emergency of the most dire sort: She hadn't done her previous day's writing excercise, and she was quite sure her dutiful tutors would be most upset! The physicians, of course, gently assured her they could not help her with this terrible conundrum, to which she burst immediately into tears, and wailed that she had been promised that the castle physicians were the ones to see in the event of any dire emergencies. How could they refuse to help?

Poor girl. I fear she's lost some faith in this world of ours, today.

Ah, but never worry. The valiant hero of this story came through for her, in the end; she simply needed a bit of encouragement, and a reminder of the difference between her "p"s and "q"s!

Far more rewarding than any dreary bandit hunting he's done, I'm sure he would say, if he were here to tell the story himself.
Mood: amusedamused
Lauren of House Taerin
14 March 2011 @ 11:19 pm
[Filter: Celeste]

Has it seemed to you that Calaith has been acting weird, lately?
Mood: curious:?