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Lord Rylan of Allba
21 January 2011 @ 07:44 pm
[Filter: Private, in rusty Korin]

"The more you read and learn, the less your adversary will know." I guess I still know the language after all.

This is why you waste two electives on a language even the natives rarely learn unless they have a good cause. I would be greatly embarrassed if Cerise ever read my private entries, but I could live. If she could could read every one of them except for this one, I could lie and say I was practicing the language after so many years.

I am safe here, and it seems like here alone.

The woman I slept with never came forward. I cannot find a single guard who even remembers a woman coming to meet me. They do remember me stumbling drunk out of my study, and they do remember how I was talking about a beautiful woman through the haze. They pat me on the back for still thinking of my wife so fervently after so many years. They also remember my brother coming in, and leaving.

I cannot do any further investigating without letting people know there was a problem in the first place. I do not remember the name the woman gave me, if she even gave me one. I do not remember what I signed. All I remember are things . . . Dragons, why are woman so inviting? I have never cheated on Cerise before! I have looked, but only at what Cerise . . . lacks.

I am obviously in enough trouble with the Dragons already, considering I cannot seem to have a child. Why in the hell am I making things worse for myself?

I wish I could ask Derek about the girl. He saw her, and he would know where I could find her. There is no reason I could ask him about her though. My question would imply something was wrong.

I really do need to make this up to Cerise. Soon.